Kibera Celebrates Obama

I have to admit, it was good to be in Kenya for the 2012 U.S. Presidential election. I didn’t have to listen to the candidates argue or slander one another, I was spared from the negative campaigning, and was able to vote by mail about a month before election day in America. While most Kenyans are not deeply informed about Obama’s politics, they do find him inspiring and feel a deep sense of pride in the fact that his paternal roots are Kenyan. After watching the election results online early Wednesday morning, I ventured out into Kibera and heard about some celebrations going on just down the road (I live in an area where the majority of residents are Luo, which is Obama’s father’s tribe). Sure enough, I came upon an American flag waving high in the air, a wall of speakers blasting music, a photo of Obama, people dancing and kids singing “America, America.” Despite the fact that half of America was disappointed about the election results, I think it is fair to say my neighbors were pretty happy.

The photos below are from local media outlets that captured the celebration (click to enlarge).